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My Creative Journey

Shelly Drouillard


Mixed media describes the artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed. My art is a combination of photography, digital manipulation for sizing, and oil painting.


I love that my furry family can join in on my creative pursuits. Roxie, the rescue dog likes to tag along on photoshoots and felines AJ and Izzy are always close by, keeping me company when I paint. 


An early love for taking pictures…
I remember receiving my first Polaroid camera when I was nine years old. We had recently moved from my childhood home and as an attempt to console me and occupy my time, I was gifted the camera by an older brother. I didn’t know then that his simple thoughtful gesture would lead to a lifelong passion for nature photography. I still have some of those early Polaroids capturing the changing seasons when we lived along the Maumee River. Over the years, I have had several different cameras and continue to document my life and travels through photography. Flowers, fauna, trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, streams, and sunsets have always been my favorite subject matters. I am continually in awe of and inspired by the natural world! My focus as a photographer is on composition- capturing ordinary and extraordinary fleeting moments in time.

How photos transformed to paintings…

In Spring 2020 the world came to an abrupt halt due to the unprecedented global pandemic. As an attempt to calm my anxiety and fears, I started spending more time in nature, taking long walks and many photos along the way. The images began to accumulate and I was struck by how in the midst of such chaos, the natural world held sway--quietly, gently, offering respite, beauty, and hope. I discovered so much joy and healing in my outings and photography that I knew that I needed to share it with a broader audience. A sister was staying with me through some of the pandemic and it was her serendipitously leaving some oil paints out on the table one evening that led me to take a paintbrush in hand for the first time and start painting over my photos. For several weeks we brainstormed ideas for my new mixed media creations and eventually, I settled on what I now affectionately refer to as my “minis."

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